Welcome to Camelot!

Upon completing Part Two of the Second Chance Series of novels, (ending in Book 6: AVALON), the world of King Arthur and Camelot was so well received by so many and was so much fun to write, I decided at that time a spin-off series was in order. I had never planned on it – never even thought about it. I just never before realized how much fun one could have in that rich and timeless setting. But as it turned out, I have never had more fun writing in my entire life than I did in bringing Arthur and Guinevere together, along with the wonderfully delightful characters inside of Castle Camelot. Not to mention that many people requested to know more about the world of Arthur and Guinevere and Camelot. And so it was that the idea of Tales From Camelot was born.

The first book CAMELOT: The Beginning is largely based on Book 6: AVALON Part 1 from the Second Chance series, but with the plotline removed as it relates to Second Chance. Thus CAMELOT and the rest of this series will be strictly based upon the times and story of King Arthur and his knights and his family.

The next book PENDRAGON will actually be somewhat a prequel to this one, and all the subsequent books will be unique to this series, alone.

After a lot of research for AVALON, I decided at that time to do something a little unusual by choosing to draw from the earlier Arthurian legends, rather than the latter (latter meaning Lancelot & adulterous Guinevere, evil Morgan, etc.). For in the earlier Welsh writings, poems and ballads, Guinevere was virtuous and good; and Morgan la Fay (Arthur’s little half-sister) was actually an innocent victim of abuse who was rescued and brought in under her big brother’s protective wing.

Original legends state that Morgan was the youngest of three sisters – Elaine being the eldest and Morgause being the middle sister. Recent Arthurian variations in movies and television tend to merge Morgause and Morgan into a single character – generally an evil sorceress. I’ve chosen to go with the earlier variations: Morgan is good, Morgause is the evil sorceress, and Elaine is more or less a neutral peacemaker between the two. I will not be delving into Morgan’s two sisters at this particular juncture as I will only be telling young Morgan’s story. You will meet Elaine and Morgause later on in Book Three: SORCERESS.

I wasn’t expecting it, but as Morgan’s story continued to play out, she very much became an endearing character to me; maybe because growing up I myself was a protective big brother to a little sister; who knows.

Another very interesting thing I did was keep the story in the 5th century. Most modern Arthurian tales tend to ‘cheat’ and use Middle Ages/15th century concepts and customs. Gotta tell ya – 5th century life was radically different; an amalgamation of ancient Persian, Greek and Celtic cultures as Rome’s western influence had not yet spread worldwide.

I’ll see you all in Camelot!


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