Two Times the Lady

Well it’s official, Book 8: LADY will have to be released in two parts. The story has ballooned into a much larger tale than originally planned; so much so that I have surpassed the allowable size that Amazon will consent to publish. It’s just too dang big. Therefore, I have no choice but to release it in two parts. Part 1 is nearly complete and is already as big as CURSED, which was already huge. I hope to release Part 1 to the public by the end of February. Essentially, LADY Part 1 will deal with her early childhood years, whereas Part 2 will be the growing up years, and how she does in fact become the infamous Lady of the Lake. And yes, a lot of stuff does indeed happen during those early years which sets it all up. As for Part 2, it is unlikely it will be ready until early summer.

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