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Tales From Camelot Series • Part One

Dark times before Camelot. The origins of British kings and House Pendragon. Uther and Igraine who bore a son named Arthur. The origins of the Knighthood and Camelot and those who lived within.

It was a time of power and greed, murder and betrayal, abusive exploitation of women and children and the lower castes. Fortunately, things change. Times change. And rules change.

Behold the dawn of Camelot.

Available now! 420 pg.

Guinevere and Merlin. Morgan le Fay. Lancelot, Excalibur and even the mysterious Lady of the Lake! This is how it all begins.

Available now! 498 pg.

The Black Knight. Lancelot. A lost sister.

Plus a new Champion is in town; her name is George. And Camelot will never be the same.

Book Three: CHAMPION is a melding together of four different stories, which are, in fact, based upon four actual Arthurian legends. The four stories are intertwined and related to one another; and it is because of the overall complexity of integrating these four tales that this book has ended up becoming Paul’s longest novel to date. It is twice the length of PENDRAGON, and, of course, four times the story.

Available now! 592 pg.

We finally meet Morgause – the evil sister. This is her story.

The BIG and climactic conclusion to Part One of Tales From Camelot.

Available now! 550 pg.

Note to Second Chance readers: Book 2: CAMELOT is taken from Second Chance Book 6: AVALON Part 1 from the Second Chance series. If you are a Second Chance reader, there is no reason to get this one (unless you are a collector), as this is essentially the same book as AVALON Part 1, but with the Second Chance storyline and all subsequent related chapters removed.
Tales From Camelot Series • Part Two (coming 2013 – 2015)

New royals growing up.

Kids these days – what are you going to do?

Available now! 520 pg.

A Revenant. Mordred. Is this the end of Camelot? Or can a certain sword save the day?

Three adventures. Three quests. One involving a brave little girl and the others involving the brave Knights of Camelot.

And of course, the legendary sword Excalibur.

Available now! 752 pg.

Shae. Willow. Poisoned cursed apples from the Isle of Avalon.

And vampires? Really?

And some other special friends come to town.

An entire trilogy in one volume!

Available now! 1178 pg.

The highly anticipated arrival of the Lady of the Lake.

Available now!

Tales From Camelot Series • Part Three (coming 2016-2017)
An avenging Hawk. Mirror, mirror, on the wall … where am I? Big lizards. Yup. you guessed it.
Tales From Camelot Series • Grand Finale (coming 2018)
The Once and Future King.

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