CAMELOT – The Beginning Re-Edit

From Paul – The opening book CAMELOT: The Beginning has been updated with a minor re-edit and is now available. The main story has not changed; the only difference being a new opening prologue by two characters (Guinevere and her handmaiden) having a discussion and in effect introducing the main story. I think this is a much better way to introduce the series to a new reader, rather than beginning with mere dialogue between Arthur and Bors. For those who have already purchased the e-Book version, send me a request via the ‘Contact The Author’ up above and I will email you an updated copy to download to your e-Book reader.

*Taken from Second Chance Book 6: AVALON Part 1 from the Second Chance series. Note to Second Chance readers, there is no reason to get this one (unless you are a collector).

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