Books 1-6 revised and updated

With the help of several friends, Camelot Books 1-6 (PENDRAGON through EXCALIBUR) have been cleaned up, revised & updated & re-proofed & corrected – and released over the past couple of weeks. (Note: to determine if you have the updated revision, look for April or May 2013 in your Copyright section).

Unfortunately, is terrible with book revisions. If you have already downloaded an earlier version, it is like pulling teeth to get them to update it for you. I think iTunes works the same way. Chances are you are stuck with your version at purchase time. However, if you contact us (see Contact Author above), we will email you the latest revision of each of the book(s) you have purchased, along with instructions how to ‘sideload’ the book onto your device using a computer or laptop. Be sure to specify what form of e-book device and reader software you are using. (For example, if you are using an iPad, tell us whether you are using the generic iBooks software or the Kindle Reader software.)

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