Book 8: LADY status

Good news and bad news. The good news is, the story of The Lady of the Lake is coming along very well. It is already at 100,000 words in length, the size of a Hunger Games novel. The bad news is, it’s less than a third of the way through. Yup, it looks like I’ve done it again and have bitten off more than I can chew. This is going to be another long one. Probably not unlike CURSED the trilogy.

I have in fact, divided the book into three parts: “Part One: 7 Weeks” deals with the first seven weeks following the arrival of the Judge. That alone is a full-length novel. “Part Two: The Early Years”, obviously deals with a certain someone’s earlier years. That will be another full-length novel. “Part Three: White Heaven” will be the third and final part.

Needless to say, it ain’t gonna happen by Christmas. My revised estimate is now February. Maybe. However, so as not to disappoint you too much, as a little Christmas present, I will post the first few chapters online by Christmas Eve. They won’t be spoilery nor will they ruin the story for you. They will however, be intriguing and eye-opening, fun and fascinating, and will give you a nice little introduction to where¬† we will be going in this next lengthy episode. As I have mentioned before, this story has been in my head since the beginning. I just didn’t realize how much was in there. It’s kinda scary if you think about it. But I digress.

Until February then,

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