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Was King Arthur real?

Historical scholars have been divided on this for centuries. However, possible evidence of the existence of Arthur has been found at Tintagel in Cornwall. A Cornish slate with sixth-century engravings was found in July 1998 on the eastern terraces of Tintagel on the edge of a cliff overlooking the place traditionally known as Merlin’s Cave…. Read more

Free e-Book Dec. 24-28!

For a limited time during the holidays as a special introduction offer (December. 24-28), CAMELOT: The Beginning will be available for FREE in e-book format! Click here to get your free Kindle version from Amazon today! (Free Kindle App for iPad, Android, Windows and more.)

Welcome to Camelot!

Upon completing Part Two of the Second Chance Series of novels, (ending in Book 6: AVALON), the world of King Arthur and Camelot was so well received by so many and was so much fun to write, I decided at that time a spin-off series was in order. I had never planned on it –… Read more

New Series! Tales From Camelot

Announcing the new series: Tales From Camelot! CAMELOT – The Beginning Just released in time for Christmas! (based on Second Chance Book 6: AVALON, for those who have not read Second Chance). Book One: PENDRAGON to be released March 2012. <Click Here> to find out more.