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The Black Knight. Lancelot. A lost sister. Plus a new Champion is in town; her name is George. And Camelot will never be the same.

Book Three: CHAMPION is actually a melding together of four different stories, which are, in fact, based upon four actual Arthurian legends. The four stories are intertwined and definitely related to one another other; and it is because of the overall complexity of integrating these four stories that this book has ended up becoming my longest novel to date. It is twice the length of PENDRAGON, and, of course, four times the story. You will definitely be getting your money’s worth out of this one.

In these four grand adventures, we will be getting to know several more of Arthur’s Knights; including Sir Geraint and Sir Lancelot in particular. We’ll also meet the evil Black Knight and learn some other interesting Arthurian lore. Expounded upon by yours truly, of course. 😉

Due to the unique subject matter, this series will appeal to a very broad audience: teen to elderly, male and female, alike. Although some parts may be considered to be too intense for pre-teen or younger readers. Ages 13 and up recommended.

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592 pages.